Aluminium Sliding Gates in Sydney
Aluminium Sliding Gates in Sydney
Your front gate is one of the most important aspects of your property with regards to aesthetics as well as security. High quality, intricate design for gates adds to the style and appearance of your house. You not only need a stylish gate but also a highly functional gate that can easily slide and which offers safety and security.
At Southern Cross Balustrades and Pool Fencing, we constantly strive to offer high-quality gates of various shapes, designs and materials. Our team of expert designers, installers, and technicians ensure that we keep your house gates smoothly functional during all seasons. Over the years, our reputation as a renowned supplier and installer of aluminium gates in Sydney has included all suburbs of Sydney.
We have a large range of gates including driveway gates, pedestrian gates, swimming pool gates and so on. In terms of operations, depending on what customers seek, we supply sliding or automatic gates. We not only supply and install all types of gates in Sydney but also offer all the hinges, screws and other accessories necessary to install these gates yourselves.
We offer a huge range of sliding gates in Sydney – some are standard sliding gates while some are of a non-standard size. We also help you build a unique sliding gate depending on your requirement. We source all our raw materials from prominent suppliers so that there is no compromise on quality. This has ensured that the gates that we offer are of extremely high quality and very sturdy.
We use some of the most innovative techniques in the construction of automatic sliding gates in Sydney.You can operate your automatic gates directly using your smartphone where a simple click can automatically open and close the gate depending on your requirements. We also install motion sensors on these gates that ensure that you get alarms whenever the gate opens or closes in your absence.
Contact us now and learn more about the interesting designs and innovations in sliding gates that we can offer.
Do you custom manufacture aluminium gates in bespoken size/colour?
Yes, we do manufacture aluminium gates in Sydney that are tailor-made to suit your exact needs. You can suggest a colour for the aluminium gates and we will then carefully create aluminium gates made especially for you.
How easy are automatic sliding gates to look after and maintain?
Sliding gates in Sydney are highly popular for their ease of use and functionality. They do not demand much maintenance or looking after. In the unlikely case of any technical glitches, get in touch with our team and we shall make all the arrangements to get it to fixed as soon as possible.
Why are there different types and models of sliding gates?
The different types of models and sliding gates cater to the varied needs of the customers.

Southern Cross Balustrading and Glass pool fencing offers some of the best flawless automatic sliding gates in Sydney. Our team of experts provides you with a suitable model for sliding gates before we start, taking into consideration your requisites and space available.

What if I have problems with the electricity line?
If you have a frequent power failure or a problem with the electricity line, you can also manually operate the automatic sliding gates. Our team of technicians will show you how to operate the automatic sliding gates manually in case of any power failure. Afterall, we are one of the best manufacturers of automatic sliding gates in Sydney. We strive to always look after our clients..
What motor can I use for my sliding gate?
The type of motor used for the sliding gate depends on the type of sliding gate you choose. Our team of expert technicians can assist you with motor details. Connect with us today, and we’ll answer any enquiries you have about automatic sliding gates in Sydney.

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