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A handrail is a long piece of wood or metal that is fixed near stairs, balconies, open spaces, ramps, etc. so as to provide support to people while walking to prevent them from stumbling or falling. It is one of the most important pieces that add to the look and feel of a house, commercial building, or public place, yet it is often overlooked while finalising an interior design. Therefore, it often isn’t thought about until the end. Southern Cross Balustrading and Glass Pool Fencing is a professional company that focuses on designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing high-quality handrails made of various materials including stainless steel that add to the charm of your house and improve your safety.
Our range of Handrails in Sydney

We have a comprehensive range of handrails right from long wooden to long metal handrails. Wehave the ability to make and install handrails of various diameters made of different metals like aluminium, stainlesssteel, or any other metal depending on the strength required and the look desired.

Functionalities That We Offer Handrails For:

a. Stairs – We have a range of stainless-steel handrails that provide excellent support while climbing or descending stairs. The handrails made for stairs are highly decorative and can be customised in design based on the style of the home interiors. We can provide wall-mounted or floor-mounted handrails for stairs depending on the space constraints. We make sure the mount design and installation are seamless and gels well with the house interiors.

b. Balconies – Handrails to balconies often act as one of the important determinants to the look of your house or commercial building. We supply and install high-performance stainless-steel handrails in Sydney for such purposes, that are designed to withstand heat, wind, and rain. Handrails for balconies come in various styles and sizes depending on the exterior design of the house. We ensure that once installed the handrails add to the beauty and charm of your property.

c. Pools and other public places – We supply stainlesssteel handrails which are useful for supporting people walking to safelywalk and enter into specific areas like zoos, bus stands, gardens, etc. We also provide handrails that act as railing for swimming pools and enhance pool entry and exits.


We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all your requirements of handrails. We design, manufacture, and install handrails using high-quality equipment. This combination of technology, scale, and dedication to service makes us extremely effective in our offerings and hence we are one of the most preferred suppliers of stainless steel handrails in Sydney.

Australian Standards

All the handrails designed and supplied by us strictly meet the norms prescribed by the Australian statutory regulation. Based on the required design load, geometry, height, we calculate the height of the horizontal rails and diameters. Particular walkways, platforms, landings, etc, require a secondary rail lower in height. This is significant, as it better secures the rail and also provide support and a barrier for children. We also offer large handrails with a tall horizontal rail.

So, if you want a high-quality handrail installed at your house, commercial building, or industrial location, at cost-effective rates, call us now!

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